Misa De Gallo Day 6: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

Now I am getting the hang of it, I now decided to stay up late to avoid oversleeping. I will get my sleep afterwards. Unlike this time, I know where to go. Going back to the first church where I started this devotion, Sacred Heart Parish in Sta Mesa Manila. 

Back then when we were living in Manila, it was this church that I always pass by when I go to school. It is also a witness of changes in my life, and I have also witnessed the changes of the church as well. Since I lived in Mandaluyong, going to the church was also not that frequent. 

But for this mass, I was quite impressed with the many changes inside the church. The facade remained the same, but the feel of the interior is new, there are now side screens instead of the projector and massive celling fans which I would only find in malls. The changes were ment to bring a better experience for mass goers since it can be hot and dark beacuse of the original architecture. This reminds me that we do change, and it should always be for the better.

The Gospel for that day is about being called “Blessed”. The priest asked volunteers to share their biggest blessings of the year. There was one who shared that he and his wife are celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary, one shared about having a job this year, and there was also who shared that despite getting into an accident back in January, she is now fully healed and is back in serving the Lord.

These are things we should always look back for this year and for our lifetime. We sometime forget them thinking that they are too small and fears and problems overshadowing them. Yes, I have missed them along my daily life, but I am thankful of always be reminded of the graces, big or small, that helped me survive, grow and learn. 

May we cherish all our blessings as we are indeed blessed with many things that comes in all forms. There is also something that we can share to others even in the simplest gestures can either make a big difference and even change a life.

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