Misa De Gallo Diaries: Day 2 - San Felipe Neri Parish

The second day of Simbang Gabi would be a little more easier that before, however there is still the threat of rain since the typhoon has not yet left the country. I was another busy day of events which led me to go home much more earlier compared to the day before wherein I have to walk kilometers to get to I need to go to. And since I live in an area with churches along the roads makes it accessible for me.

But on the first stretch of the road, there were no jeepneys yet to serve as a quick ride to the church. I have to walk the long street wherein it is really bare yet lighted. I always feel uneasy about this road since it would be place where I can be mugged, but with faith and optimism I passed the street and was able to get to the parish, San Felipe Neri.

This has been a regular church I would visit for Misa De Gallo since it is walkable. However I would always feel bad during the Simbang Gabi here because even though the church is overflowing with people, it has become more of a meeting place rather a house of worship. These people (mostly teenagers), would come in groups and would just chit chat throughout the mass. I even saw a girl who even has earphones on and on her phone during the whole time.

It pains me to see that people have not only lost respect for the mass, but also has made it into a place to play around, gossiping, and even teasing each other which the readings and lessons of the celebration was never comprehended. And after the mass, most of them are in a hurry to go home or eat. And this still happens even years ago.

I then question myself, "what should I do?"

I have no answer yet, I'd still hope that they will eventually appreciate and act accordingly to the Eucharist. Do we do Simbang Gabi because we are excited for the coming of Jesus or are we there because we have a basket of wishes? I guess it is time that we look at this tradition as a way for reflection, self-improvement, and prayer. I guess of all of the days and hours of this year, how many have we given to the Lord?

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