Misa De Gallo Series Day 5: St. Francis of Assisi Parish

The fifth day falls on a Sunday which counts as a Simbang Gabi and a Sunday mass, with the fail I made on the fourth day, I made sure that the fifth day will be an improvement. This time, I first helped my roommate Pierre to get to the airport first early in the morning. Going out in the wee hours is best for commuting, however it is also a little bit dangerous.

After dropping him to the airport, I made my way to the bus to EDSA. From that point I can make an option of getting to churches along the way. Since I was done with Greenbelt, I look into the next location which is Mandaluyong. Immediately I thought of St. Francis of Assisi Parish which is located in Shaw Boulevard. I am not a regular of the church since there was the masses that are held inside the neighboring malls like Shangri-La and Megamall.

But I do look up to this church for being the humble beacon in the midst of progress and prosperity. Like the Franciscans they kept the feel of the church despite some improvements. 

The Gospel was about Mary visiting Elizabeth and how she sees her as blessed. She is happy to be visited by her cousin and along in her womb would be the savior. She is also pregnant despite her age, this shows us that there is indeed fruits with patience. It would not always be there when we want it, but it would come in a different form or in a different time.

My prayers that I have been praying for some time continues, and will wait for what will be in store for me, and trust me it will be amazing.

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