Misa De Gallo Diaries Day 7: San Roque Parish

I was planning of having an anticipated mass on this day but the traffic was so horrible that I went into a different route which brings me to San Juan Greenhills. I was hoping for a mass at the Holy Family Chapel inside the mall but what I saw was the people already leaving the chapel. The mass was held at 7pm and I arrived at 8pm.

But I never lost hope, I went into another trip this time going to Robinsons Galleria which has the EDSA shrine. I would expect that I would celebrate the mass at around 8 or 9 based on previous experiences. However, when I got there, the church was open but there is no mass. There is no tarpaulin or any information in their bulletin board about the Simbang Gabi Schedules.

I felt a little sadness, I felt lost. Now not knowing what to do, I spent a few minutes praying. I suddenly felt nostalgia with the shrine, and that took my sadness away. As I started my prayer, I began thanking for a fruitful year. After my prayer I tried to see if there would be another place for Simabang Gabi.

Since the time was already to late for the anticipated one, I decided to stay awake until the dawn masses. So with the time I had, I went ahead and did some of my blog post that were pending due to the overwhelming schedules I have.  I also decided to go to San Roque Parish near Boni for the 8th Simbang Gabi.

Also a church I have visited for Simbang Gabi, San Roque Parish has the unique architecture that enables it to be a church, an office, and a spiritual center even with a limited space. It always remind me of the things God gave us, even if there are limited, we can do great things with them.

The gospel for today was about the Magnificat, the song of Mary which praises the wonderful works of the almighty. And it is really a relevant song as our prayers today are more of asking graces but tend to forget to be thankful and praise his name. Even with a simple song or prayer, has praise become too redundant for us?

May we never get tired of singing our own version of Magnificat everyday.

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