Misa De Gallo Diaries Day 9: St. Peter and Paul Parish Makati

For the final night of the Misa De Gallo Diaries, I went to a new direction with a new church that I have not celebrated Simbang Gabi with. Since all of the churches nearby are already in the list. Choosing the church/chapel would mean going beyond my comfort zone. And it was just beyond the river-bend literally. The "hidden" parish of St. Peter and Paul is almost 400 years old and is just two rides from home and it has only been once that I attended mass there. 

The church is a perfect fusion of the old and the new, with the facade of stone reminding us of the past, and the interior with LED TVs for prompts and videos embraces the future beautifully without overpowering each other.

I also brought the clothes I sorted for Segunda Mana (Caritas Manila), which is a win-win solution for me for clearing up my storage space, as well as to help people with the things I can donate, and I never ran out of clothes because they just keep multiplying for various and good reasons.

I was also in awe of the camera used to project the altar and the priest. It was in HD which I have never encountered in all of the churches I have been to in the country. I was a new experience, like my first misa de gallo here. Indeed change can be good, and all in perfect time. As I end the Simbang Gabi series, I am very happy with  going through this again. 

The gospel for the 9th day was the song of Zachariah after he regained his speech. Like the previous readings the preparation was complete, carefully planned and unexpected of all the characters. Even things may not look at first eventually there is a way to make things amazing and regal. With the celebration of the birth of Jesus, everything did change, we too can change, and gives us more reason to have faith. Despite the darkness the world is facing today. 

Kudos to all who participated (and for some completed) the Simbang Gabi this year, may all of us see the true meaning of the season beyond the merry making and the gifts and trully celebrate the best gift we ever received in this world.

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