Misa De Gallo Diaries Day 8: Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord

For the eight day of the Simbang Gabi Series, I finally went with SM Megamall's Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord which has been a part of the Misa De Gallo Diaries from the first year. And with a diverse mass celebrators each year, there is indeed something new to be experienced with the mass here.

However I came in late for the mass despite an earlier effort but it was not due to the traffic, it was the cash register. I made my last minute shopping at the next door mall with the gift certificate I got this year. Since that would the few places I can redeem them, I made my shopping there. It took me an hour since the selections were quite expensive, and when I was at the counter, the gcs need to be verified first before finishing the transaction which cost me minutes behind the start of the mass. I quickly went to megamall after that, and along the way thinking why I have sacrificed precious time for shopping. But I was glad that I can still make ot for the celebration.

The mass celebrant on that day was Father Jun Sescon, who was the former Minster of the Archdiocesan Youth  Ministry (now Archdiocesan Commission on Youth). He has been close to the youth and radiates  youth which makes it hard to guess his age.

The preparation still continues with the birth of John the Baptist, and with the astonishment of his parents with the works of God. They started with an impossible dream, then they were given a child, though Zachariah was mute for that time. And when he revealed his name, he was able to speak, a feat that shows God's timing is exact and well planned.

I would think that my plans would be foolproof, but when unexpected things happens and would leave us all out of backup plans, we turn to God in giving us the plan that is unexpected but definitely better.

Have we embraced God's plan?

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