DepEd holds National K to 12 Conference

“If yesterday I was celebrating with you what we have done, today I stand with great pride telling myself, "Ang sarap maging Pilipino. Pero mas masarap maging DepEd." Never in my life can I say that with conviction.”

Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC said during the culmination of the first National K to 12 Conference held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), December 4.

The two-day conference gathered together almost 1,000 participants from DepEd regional and division offices nationwide to report the progress of various strategies employed for the promotion and implementation of the K to 12 Program, specifically the Senior High School (SHS), in their respective areas.

During the conference, the participants provided updates on the region and division’s efforts in gearing up for the nationwide implementation of SHS come 2016. Among the strategies highlighted in Luistro’s synthesis were the K to 12 caravans and unique approaches such as Teaching Strategy Festivals and Heroic Mobile Advocacy.

Luistro lauded the efforts of the all DepEd field offices in ensuring that no child shall be left behind. He said that because of the commitment of its education leaders nationwide, over “1.1 million Filipinos have included in their dreams a way of upgrading themselves” and pre-registered for the SHS in 2016.

“I told myself our DepEd leaders have now taken it unto themselves to take care of every learner. Wala na po malaking divide between public or private, nasa bayan o nasa bundok. You took care of all of them. You went out of your way, you went out of your Queendoms and your Kingdoms, and your Hives, so that you can promote and let people understand what K to 12 is all about,” he added.

The conference also provided an opportunity for education leaders to share good practices in building and strengthening partnerships with different organizations and institutions for the implementation of the SHS program.

“The solution to many of our nation's problems is in DepEd. You are the key players in changing the direction of where our country will go. You have proven that to yourselves, you have proven that to the country. You have shown that leadership is possible and that your leadership is credible,” he said.

“I prayed for a change of heart in DepEd and I realized, when I went through what you shared the past two days, that you have actually changed the image, the heart, and the culture within the Department. In fact, you have brought together, from limited resources, many initiatives that in the past I did not imagine DepEd is ready and willing to do,” Luistro said.

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