Dockers Man Luis Manzano shares styling tips

Like it or not, your style reflects your personality. Put in another way, your personality shapes your style options. Whatever it is for you, know that it is important to find comfort in your style.

This certainly explains why TV host Luis Manzano fell in love with Dockers, in the first place. For him, a brand that offers a good mix of style and comfort is something he will choose any day.

As the newest face of the leading provider of khaki pants in the world, Manzano, one of the few entertainment celebrities known for their fashion savvy, shares that he sticks to the basics, which is what Dockers is all about.

“My priority will always be comfort. But when I find a brand that meets style and comfort halfway, I’m all in. This is why when Dockers expressed interested in having me as part of their family, I said ‘yes’ immediately,” Manzano revealed in a casual interview during the brand’s VIP Sale held last Nov. 28 in Glorietta, where he surprised the shoppers with his presence and gave them tips on how to sport the perfect business-casual look.

The VIP Sale, which ran from Nov. 28 to 30 in all outlets nationwide, gave Dockers lovers a 30-percent discount on regular-priced items. Customers with a minimum purchase of P3,500 likewise received a limited edition Dockers luggage tag—plus a free Dockers leather bracelet.

The brand can’t find a more impeccable fit than Manzano, who is known for his sartorial flair and is admired not only for his success in the entertainment industry, but for his business and entrepreneurial savvy as well.

Kaths Laudit, Dockers Philippines Marketing Head, affirms this, saying, “No one could be more perfect for the brand than Luis Manzano, who is one of the most in-demand events and television hosts in the country today. We see him on TV almost every day wearing Dockers pants and sporting the perfect business-casual look. So when we asked him to be the newest face of the brand, he instantly said ‘yes’ and told us that he had been a Dockers fan for years.”

Dockers, as Manzano has shown time and again, is all about layering essential pieces, but keeping the look simple, polished, and effortless. This perfect mix of casual and refined styles is the brand’s vision, which is totally in sync with Manzano’s personal fashion statement. After all, he carefully chooses each piece for that sophisticated but not over-dressed look.

“You can wear the business-casual look pretty much for any occasion, like when I wanna do a casual episode of ASAP or even when I’m hosting the grand finals of The Voice Kids. It’s something that I can easily put on,” says the 34-year-old Manzano.

Through the years, the brand created its stamp on its core market, which goes for the casual and classy yet comfortable get-up rather than for the rugged look. Manzano knows this only too well because he has always been a Dockers fan and it’s what you see him wearing, on and off the camera.

“I’ve worn Dockers since I was younger, and I know what the brand stands for,” says Manzano. “I have always relied on Dockers for all my shows. Anyway you look at it, this means a lot—it is having faith in the brand’s quality.”

On a final note, Manzano dispels people’s notion that Dockers caters to a more mature market, especially after seeing the brand’s newest collection the last time he visited the store.

Showing his appreciation for Dockers’ timeless fashion pieces, Manzano readily declares, “Dockers has something for you—whatever age bracket you are in.”

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