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Like a telenovela, Maricel Soriano is iin the limelight again not because of an upcoming movie or a teleserye, but of allegations of abuse of her housemaids physically and verbally. Now a trending topic on twitter (even worldwide at a point).  The two said they escaped Soriano's residence in Makati and sought help from one of the Tulfo brothers and expose it on TV. So far there was no official statement from Maricel Soriano about the issue. 
Another trending topic in twitter is the 'Davao Punch' of Mayor Duterte to the local Sheriff when the flood stricken district residents of Davao city were threatened with demolition of their houses. The scene was caught on camera and also made a 'punch' on the social networking sites. Mayor Duterte sends her leave of absence while the investigation is underway. In my opinion, she might have been drawn to rage because of the many problems that happened in Davao city particularly the heavy rains. The Sheriff is doing his job but it is also inhumane to give a 2 hour leeway to settle things first. In the end, the demolition did not pushed through that day, but Mayor Duterte had his 'Pacquiao' moment. 


But the most talked about today is the victory of the Philippine Azkals against the Sri Lankan Red Braves in the FIFA World Qualifers. They won with a score of 4-0 on the second match, and an aggregate score of 5-1 which advances them to the second round against Kuwait. The Rizal Memorial stadium also treded on twitter for the first time. The game was also a challenge to all of the players because of the rain. But the Azkals are determined to advance into the next phase so they won't disappoint their fans. 

I also saw the rise of the endorsements of Phil, James and the other Azkals members on TV, print and radio. I got the chance to meet Phil at a charity event to promote football. I asked how does he see football (soccer) in the Philippines 5 years from now. He said that he hopes to see that more Filipino children will learn football and while they are in school. Well, our national sport is Sipa (not to be confused with Sepak Takraw), so there would propbably a chance to make it into a sport fever. Will this  another sport that we can excell in. Though majority of us love basketball, we fail to be the best in international competitions, maybe soccer holds a promise and potential.

As a tribute to their victory, let us sing and cheer for the Philippine Azkals!


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