Blogs Overhaul!

I'm bringing my blogs into a whole new level. More features, better graphics and more stories to share  for the three major blogs under the MTL group of blog companies (LOL).  Like TV and radio stations that change their station IDs every now and then. I like to do the same for my blogs to give them a fresh look. However, I am avoilding any major changes in the logo and other contents that would confuse the readers. Last Month, I started with MTL's lighter look. Now with the revival of my comic strip at Krisis Komix (, and also the rise of the food events at FudFyt (  It will be a very busy week for me to make all of these changes. but I hope you would like them as I am doing it for all of you(Aww...). And by the way don't forget to like their facebook fan pages!

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