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ABS-CBN's News and Current Affairs division and Entertainment Group joined forces for the first time on a new reality show I DARE YOU Hosted by Jericho Rosales, Iya Villania and Melai Cantiveros. The show chalenges different Kapamilya Stars to do certain task that can help the "Bida Kapamilya" which either an individual, family or a community.

The trio is a cool balance of the funny Melai, the leadership of Echo and the charm of Iya that makes the show very interesting. Though may be compared to other reality shows that goes with challenges, I DARE YOU rises above them with the purpose of reaching out to people who are in need of support that is also a great venue for challenges for the Kapamilya stars. As it is also a collaboration with the News and Public affair division, if schedule permits some of the anchors  and reporters would also be part of the upcoming episodes. 
Each of the shared their stories of how challenges are made in the communities, and even Melai who also lived with poverty attest that situations of the communities are worse than what she have experienced. Jericho said that the show also serves as an eye-opener to the situation of many Filipinos. 

I Dare You starts today, Monday- July 11, 2011 on ABS-CBN under Kapamilya GOLD block. Stay updated on the program, like the official Facebook page of ”I Dare You” or follow it on Twitter

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