Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: May DTI Permit Ba Yan?

This blog has been not tested on animals, does not contain pesticides and other allergic properties (well sometimes), non carcinogenic and hypoallergenic for babies 2 and above, and is now applying a barangay permit from  Spratyls Islands. For DTI Permit no XXXX series of 2011, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas Patungo sa Tuwid na Daan! (insert PNoy profile)

I think this will always be the header of every blog contest post I will have if the DTI does not clarify the issue of having a DTI permit for every blog contest. The controversy is not a very hot topic in the blogosphere as it would also mean the need to apply for a permit for any blog contest one blogger would create. And a DTI permit would sometimes be more expensive and tidious than the prize itself.

I just wondered why DTI said yes on the discussion about the permit thing. And definitely, this must be clarified as the many contest right now is done via online or through blogs. I have done contests for Krisis Komix and Manual to Lyf which prizes came from the events I have attended and not directly from the companies. The document that is said to be the basis of the  permit compliance was made in the early 90's where the online community is just starting.

As it becomes a stir in the community, the past issues of the Association for Bloggers also rose and made the situation a little worse. Now for existing contests blogs, their fate is also in a standstill. If DTI will push through with this, online contests will surely stop and  many will be unhappy. Paying permits/taxes is not a problem just as long as there is a valid reason for its charge. Bloggers are also taxpayers like any other Filipino, however clarity of terms and scope must be updated. That is why we have lawmakers.

On a recent response of IMMAP, they did also ask for a update upon the issue due to outdated policies on the guidelines. If ever there will be another discussion, I hope everything will be clarified. As thousands willl be affected by this move. And will never need to place odd disclaimers on each contest or campaign. I hope this to be clarified as there will be contest in the blog soon.

For DTI permit no. XXXX, series of 2011
No approved therapeutic claims.. 

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