A Flash Mob Of Monsters?! Who Is Fast Enough To Defeat Them?

I love flash mobs, especially when you're in the middle of it and with no idea. It makes me think "What's going on?". It also became popular because of my favorite show, Glee, with scenes of them singing and dancing at the mall and other public places. With this type of approach it does get the attention of people to stop and watch and even record the number. I have seen 3 flash mobs in the past which always surprizes me with each having a unique way to end their performance with a bang.

But in the video below from a gabriel diaz's blog is a unique flash mob with "pain monsters" like Body Pain, Headache, Toothache and Dysmenorrhea taking stage at Eastwood Mall last July 1. It did attract attention but made some children scared. It seems to be giving out a message that the era of pain is near and many people will suffer, definitely not a good thing, however  there was Tabletman who said to be the avenger against the "legion of pain". But he is no match because he is so slow. But there comes the new savior the Advil Liqui-gel force. Like power rangers or Super Sentai warriors they defeated the legion of pain with their fast moves. This flash mob becomes interesting as it becomes an live action scene and of course, the good triumphs. 

Like the force, Advil liqui-gel is revolutionary solution to body aches and pains that works quicky. It is 3 times faster that tablet because it is in liquid form enclosed in a soft gel capsule for easy absorption. In this fast-paced times why spend it in pain when you can eliminate it fast. Don't be a victim to the legion of pain, fight back with Advil Liqui-gel and show them who is boss!

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