LAKBAYAN: Rizal Heritage Trail

Rizal is now 150 years old if he is still alive, however even he is executed at at young age, he had made the made  a mark in Philippine history by waking up the minds and heart of  Filipinos which lead to the revolution and the independence of the Philippines. And as he is also a backpacker himself going to many places in the Philippines, well not on his free will at some time, has marked the nation with his heritage and wisdom that we the children of the present has the responsibility to preserve it. 

I went to the unveiling of the new relief map of the Philippines which has its new boardwalk to let visitors have a closer view of the giant map and also know some amazing facts about the Rizal trails all over the country. I also enjoyed having the "ulam ni Rizal" which was the feast that he shared with fellow nationalists for the amount of one peso.

The day also unveils the Heritage trail passport which when completed by individual, will get a special prize from Cebu Pacific, one of the partners in the Heritage trail program. We went also to Intramuros, particularly Fort Santiago and the Rizal Shrine, to marvel on his works and his life. We also visited Paco Park, were Rizal was "secretly" buried until placing his remains at the Rizal monument at Rizal Park. 

So we have completed a part of the Heritage Trail in Manila but the journey is  just one of the stops. I do have to roam Visayas and Mindanao for the other site but hopefully will be able to complete them within the year. But the important thing about the journey is what I have learned about Dr. Jose Rizal as the amazing person that he is. 

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