Captain America is My Motivational Teacher

Though he can't fly or have laser vision, Captain America is one of my most favorite characters in the Avengers as he  proves that you don't need super special powers to deliver justice. As a symbol of national pride and freedom, it would motivate me to do better in what I do right now. Even though I'm not an American, he does not look down on any race or culture. The pure intentions to serve his nation and it citizens was also one of my inspirations to be either a soldier or public servant someday. 
The red white and blue costume of Captain America is similar to the Philippine flag which some Pinoy superheroes also wear, this makes you also feel patriotic to the country also.

He may be a fictional character but I imagine myself  seeing him and always motivating me to do my best. As a comic artist I also made a character similar to him which is Bilao. If would be published someday, I hope to feature Captain America as an ally and also a fighter for justice. 

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