Tag The Decade Promo from Tender Juicy Hot dogs!

Generations have passed, times have changed dramatically. From fashion, music, politics and  especially technology. But one thing remains constant trough the years, well all love Tender Juicy hotdogs. And they have an exciting promo today that you would also find joy in nostalgia and reminiscing past happy days. Details below:

1. "Like" the Tender Juicy Fan Page.
2. Go to the Tender Juicy wall.
3. Post a photo with you and at least 1 (one) family member or friend (more people in the picture, the better) and choose the category/categories you would like to join. Tag 5 (five) of your friends on the actual post as well. Include a short caption to describe your entry. Start your caption with the CATEGORY you are joining: 80s, 90s, Year 2000, and the Present Day. Not placing the intro caption shall deem the entry as invalid.

1. 80’s: Fashion and Dance Moves of the 80s!
Intro caption example: “80s – Look at how we shuffle our feet to MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ complete with the baggy pants!”
2. 90’s: Music of the 90s!
Intro caption example: “90s – We sound trip to the beats of the Backstreet Boys with our Walkmans!”
3. YEAR 2000: Movie marathons and TV series of the new Millenium!
Intro caption example: “YEAR 2000 – My friends and I hangout just like FRIENDS”
4. PRESENT DAY: Compare then and now!
Intro caption example: “PRESENT DAY - Before, there were LASER DISCS. Now, there are PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS!”

Entries will be accepted from June 30, 2011 (12:01am) to July 27, 2011 (11:59pm). Judging will be on July 28 and Announcement of Winners will be on August 1. All entries submitted shall become property of San Miguel Corporation and maybe used for future activities without prior notice.

Be as creative as you can with the photo entry and continuing the caption as it will be judged with the following criteria:

Criteria for judging:
Photo creativity: 50%
Caption creativity: 30%
Number of likes: 20%
Top 10% per category - 20%
Top 20-50% per category – 15%
Top 51-75% per category – 10%
Top 76-100% per category – 5%
The judges’ decision will be final.

Prizes at stake are the following:
A. Category A (80’s): Casio GShock
B. Category B (90’s): Sony Walkman
C. Category C (YEAR 2000): Kodak Playsport
D. Category D (PRESENT DAY): Nintendo 3DS


1. Tender Juicy will contact each winner via Facebook private message/email. Winners will also be announced on the Tender Juicy fan page 1 week after the judging.
2. Metro Manila winners are required to personally claim and sign papers for his/her prizes and are required to present 1 government issued Id only and print-out of the email.

In case of provincial winners, the transaction maybe done via scanned signing of papers or having a proxy to claim the prize, provided that the proxy has an authorization letter and a photocopy of a valid ID of the official winner.

Accepted identification cards are as follows:
• Student I.D. (existing and valid within school year 2011)
• Passport
• Driver's License
• Voter's ID
• Postal ID
• Philhealth ID

I.D.s not specified here will not be honored.

3. Winner may be required to have a standard photo-opp procedure with Tender Juicy or its representatives for documentation purposes.

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