Unionbank and Gcash Makes Banking Easier with eMoney XCHANGE!

Banking is one of the thing I don't  like to do, there is a lot of hassle of falling in line and also finding the right bank to make deposits and savings. Since I also have a paypal account, there are rarely a lot of banks that support linking the paypal account. Luckily there is Unionbank with their Visa EON Card which many paypal users in the Philippines use to link their accounts.

Things also get better as Unionbank Eon account can now transfer amounts to your Gcash and vice versa. This would be a great help to people who work, buy, and sell online as it becomes banking becomes more convenient and secure. 

UnionBank has partnered with GCASH to bring you, eMoney XChange. The new functionality, which is now available in UnionBank’s Globe Mobile Banking facility, enables UnionBank accountholders to transfer funds to and from their GCASH wallet. eMoney XChange offers you limitless possibilities to engage in online opportunities such as online business, shopping, sending remittance and more! 

Sounds good, now here is what you need to do:

  • Get a UnionBank EON account. Just go to UnionBank EON’s Application Page on their website and follow the instructions
  • Go to your chosen UnionBank branch, submit your valid IDs, and they’ll print your EON card

How it works?

Now you can quickly cash out or top up your GCASH funds through your mobile phone!
Cash out!

  • Send G2U space to 2318
Top up! 

  • Send U2G space to 2318

Inquire for your UnionBank account balance!

  • Send BAL to 2318

So open an account now (if you dont have a paypal or Unionbank account) and link it now to Gcash! And enjoy the perks of doing transactions more convenient and fast! 

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