Bishop Tagle is the new Archbishop of Manila!

The Vatican just accepted the resignation of Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales as the Archbishop of Manila. To take his place will be the Bishop of the diocese of Imus, Bishop Chito Tagle. Cardinal Rosales filed his resignation way back 2007 when he turned 75 years old, wherein according to canon law that arch/bishops should file their retirement. Upon this announcement, Bishop Tagle had issued his statement.

"His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI appointed me, a humble servant, to succeed His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales to the Metropolitan See of Manila. I face this heavy responsibility with much trepidation. Leaving the Diocese of Imus, my beloved home, at the threshold of its Golden Jubilee is not easy. But faith in the gracious Lord and love of the Church give me strength. I know that I would find much good will and zeal for mission in the clergy, religious and lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Manila. In our openness to the Holy Spirit, we could render a joyful and robust witness to Jesus Christ, all for the glory of the Father and the good of the Church and of society, especially of the poor. I entrust the Archdiocese of Manila and my ministry to the loving care of our Lady, Mary Immaculate." 

+Luis Antonio G. Tagle, 13 October 2011

A statement released by the Archdiocese regarding Bishop Tagle's appointment.

“We thank the Lord for Cardinal Rosales who has served the Archdiocese of Manila for the past eight years. He has indeed been a gift to the archdiocese and a good shepherd to all of us. We also praise and thank the Lord for giving the archdiocese a new shepherd after His own heart. We wholeheartedly welcome Archbishop Tagle to the Archidocese of Manila,”  

I've met Cardinal Rosales last 2009 while organizing for my religious organization. I loved how he sees the role of the youth for the church. He is also the man behind the "Pondo ng Pinoy" which raised funds for social works and charities. 

Bishop Tagle host 'The Word exposed' shown on ANC and NBN on sundays. He is also lead the Diocese of Imus when it hosted the Asian Youth Day back in 2009. He is also charismatic with his works published and followed by many. And since the congregation of Manila knows him because of his exposure, he might have no problems being accepted as the new Archbishop of Manila. 

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