BLAH BLAH BLOGS BER EDITION: Happy Birthday Francis Magalona

Being a follower of the Master Rapper its great to meet his family which I see is a very happy one though sad since he left the world at his age. I have loved his song, though I am not really into rap, but I was deeply moved with his words of wisdom and actions that moved me and challenged me to be a better Filipino. This remains a challenge to me like everybody else but somehow though this blog I can also influence others to do the same, the call for change is always there but few only would dare to take it.
Now we celebrate another year added to his life, we do not look at his death as something dark but rather a new chapter in his existence that made him touch a lot of lives. Forever etched in our hearts and minds are his songs of patriotism, love, peace that others might fail to send it effectively to the people. Though now in the heavens, his family is a ilving testament of a happy family with a very diverse personalities and influences.

This day as we celebrate his Birthday, his family now launched the Francis Magalona Foundation (details will be posted soon here). To help Filipinos to be better and lift the Philippines to the country we can be proud of.With Coach Pia of One Core, we can truly be indeed BORN TO BE A HERO!

Again Thank You and Happy Birthday FRANCIS "KIKO" MAGALONA!

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