FASHIONISTA: UNO Magazine partners with Make Up Forever

Being fashionable not only involves clothes and shoes but also knowing how to use and choose the right make up that will make you stand out and gives your more confidence. As a man, I know nothing about it since I very rarely had it (of course I used it in stage plays back then).  But to use it occasionally might have its benefits and also would give me a keener eye on  what would be good or bad make up, and to know that is best we ask the experts from MAKE UP FOR EVER.
We got into one demonstration of Make Up Forever in doing Body Painting. It may seem easy like painting a fence or something but it would actually take hours of applying the right body paint and the details that come wit it. As a cosplayer, I know that we don't use the right make up to make ourselves look better because we don't know what to use and how.

In this session, they transformed a regular model into a 'avatar' like creature by just only using make up by Make Up Forever. Seeing the difference compared to the usual, this line has a better  color and blend to the skin which makes the process faster and the finished product, glamorous.

That is why Uno Magazine, had partnered with Make Up Forever for their pictorials and events.    This elevates the magazine to a more sleek and sophisticated image as a men's magazine.

Though not really into make ups, I liked the experience of knowing this skill better which can lead into a more fashionable person, saving me (and us) from fashion disasters and leading us to the  aesthetic salvation. 

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