For our first feature in the BLOGAPALOOZA Series Freestyle Ballers  which offers personalized hip and cool ballers and slap on watches in fun colors and styles.

 “Your Life, Your Friends, Your Ballers. It is what it is. Freestyle Your Life!”

The man beind this is Nathan Flores, a 3rd year Entrepreneurial Management (EM) student currently studying at the University of Asia and The Pacific. As a pre-requisite to graduation, an EM student is supposed to have a business up and running by the end of the school year, thus, in Nathan’s case, the birth of Freestyle Ballers! A business that initially started as a school project has now developed into a business that aims to sincerely promote “happiness, good times and fun for everyone!” via its products

Freestyle Ballers is currently selling 3 products, specifically:

“LEGGO” Ballers (P150)
Slap Ballers (P150) Ballers that automatically coil around your wrist after slapping it on, and Slap Watches (P250) Same concept as the slap baller, but as the name implies, it’s a watch. And because of its unique style and design it makes a great fashion statement plus a quick accessory especially for people on the go like me. I now use the slap watches everyday and looks great with any outfit I get into.

Freestyle Ballers may be customized for you and your friends and may even be given as giveaways for whatever occasion. All you have to do is email your design of choice, agree on the price quotation, and after two weeks your customized Freestyle Ballers will be delivered to you! So once again, when in Manila and in need of quirky and eye-catching wrist candy, make sure you check out Freestyle Ballers! 

Contact Number: 0927 868 9913

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