10 Things I Need To Do Before THE END

Many people are indeed concerned about the end of the world, especially when the ultimate end comes, one may recall what he/she had done to make his life worthwhile. And I do have here a list of the top 10 thing I need to do before the END comes.

  1. Finish College.
  2. Have my comics turned into a live-action movie (My upcoming comic Kidlat to be sold at November Komikon 2011). And I have the power to choose who will play the characters especially the female antagonist.
  3. Invent a gadget that will benefit many people. Though its the end, at least I made a great contribution to the earth.
  4. Learn the violin or piano, at least I know to play a musical instrument.
  5. Be a rouge ninja for a day, I think it maybe my past life. Swords and shurikens are fun!
  6. Sing and/or dance at a major concert, Linkin Park, Enrique Iglesias, or Lady GaGa is cool with me. Local artist are also great too.
  7. Eat Santol, yes I am a santol loser.
  8. Make a mural, rebellious street murals like graffiti but more artistic.
  9.  Have a girlfriend, though flings are considerable. And she MUST be hot at least.
  10. Speak and write in Spanish!  Para cumplir con chicas calientes latina y el fiesta en Río de Janeiro! ¡Salud!
Though some might be impossible to happen, but when you only counting down to the end, you really would make the most of it. Just like the timer on the left, counting down to the END. Scary but you will try to make the most of the time you got.

By the way, more of life thoughts and craziness on my upcoming book the original Manual to Lyf Book!

¡Hasta luego!

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