Opening Up a Multiply Store!

Last month we got to meet several entrepreneurs who found business success with And from humble beginnings of small scale online selling has now evolved into large stores with plenty of patrons visiting and making purchases online. Though not originally planned to be a online marketplace, Multiply Marketplace features made it so ideal to showcase products   with real time responses and now with a larger array of payment options.

In fact Manual to Lyf started in Multiply as a literature blog until it branched to have its own blogspot. I actually met a lot of great people on this site which I still check for updates. And after learning news about its newest features that will enhance online shopping experience, I felt the need to create my own shop, which of course will be under the Manual to Lyf brand (MTL). The Manual to Lyf Shop.

I'm planning to have designs for sale which can be used in shirts, mugs or other items. I will also sell my Krisis Komix in this site as well (with the second issue to be released after November Komikon). 

Even years before, I also love browsing on some of the stores like Kimstore, which is now known for selling gadget at very affordable prices. Because they don't need to have a physical store, this lessens the operational cost thus savings are given to the customers.

Just recently I also discovered Tough Brat Bags, which sell sleek and cool bags that fit any lifestyle. They also have nice laptop bags too. This is one of the stores I'll be checking to search for the perfect gifts for this coming holiday season.

The Multiply Marketplace is getting bigger ad better each day as it is relaunched as an online marketplace. If you might be interested in putting up your own store, you may got their Frequently Asked Questions page. Or go ahead and advertise on the website giving you more mileage and visibility on the website to the 20,000,000 users of Multiply. And payment is so easy with options like Paypal, Bank (Banco De Oro and Bank of the Philippine Islands), and GCash.  With this, doing business does need to be expensive and painstaking. Multiply Marketplace is great place to meet and shop! 

And if you have time like MTL Shop fan page now! :-)

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