Bloggers Takes On The Smart Amazing All-Net Race

Racing through the urban jungle is what I like to do but couldn't because it would be embarrassing, that is why if ever I got a chance to be in an "Amazing Race" style of adventure, I'm in!

Coincidentally, I got into an event by SMART which is the SMART POSTPAID AMAZING ALL-NET RACE that was held at Eastwood City, Libis. Eastwood is a great location because there are a lot of open spaces but also building and structures, not to forget the many attractions that have people kept coming. With blogger friends who are also into the spirit of  competition, we take on one of the most exciting races I had.

The race does not look simple at it sounds like, because it will involve wit and strength to finish the task accordingly and get the clues and keys to the nest stage. First of all, we were divided into three groups (Yellow, Blue and Green), and I belong to the Blue team with Mommy Jo Bonsol, Carl Valenzona, and Enzo Luna. Due to Teacher Jo's condition, she opted to stay and participate in the mental challenges. 

We were first given a kit, first a Budget to buy the things we need, a SMART NETPHONE to use to contact and surf the internet for references, Pen and paper to jot down information,  our blue bandannas, and the clue to lead us to the place we are to perform a specific task.

At the race, we lagged behind at the first stop: a Bungee Jump where in we need to get 3 colors having different numbers and after getting them, we have to call those numbers to ask about the per minute charge by other networks. In Which SMART has the lowest rates of P 3.12 only per minute compared to the others which cost P7.50.

Though place third we catch up with them on the second station  with a dance off at an arcade by getting 10 Million points. We got the points fast but was slowed down by looking for contacts to reply to our texts. 

Meanwhile, SMART Postpaid All-Net Text cost only P350 for 30 days for 2500 text messages to all networks, which is equivalent to only  P0.14 per SMS instead of the standard rate of P1.00 per text charged by other networks.

After finishing station 2, we move on to City Walk 2 to first make a call to tell them about the Smart Post Paid All-Net Plans. And after that our task is to get fashionably sleek with a budget of P1200 or less. With shops nearby we got a great combination of a fedora hat, 3/4 sleeved shirt and a silver ring. Calling someone abroad using the phone we described the outfit we just bought. We finished almost tied with the other teams, now we move to the 4th station.
This task asked us to find a specific breed of dog roaming in Eastwood City Mall and the task is to know what breed it was and what is the country of origin. The task required us to look for the information using the internet on our Netphones. We lagged last again because we we not that familiar about the applications of the phone but eventually we got through. 

On the last leg, it required mental alertness because we got to compute the difference between a competitor bill with the cost with the Smart All-Net Post paid plans. This showed that when it comes down to crunching the numbers, Smart's Postpaid lower rates do amount to bigger saving on one's postpaid bill.

With rates this low, all the voice, SMS data, and IDD services a subscriber needs can be included in a plan that fits one's budget. For savvy postpaid subscribers who scrutinize their mobile phone bills and want to get the best value for money, Smart Postpaid All-In Plans with All-Net services are definitely the smartest choice.

After some complex computing, we actually placed second in the race. And since we were busy all the time I had no chance to take pictures (but will indeed share if there were videos and pictures captured by the others). The third place team Green got a Smart Netphone Samsung Galaxy Y. We, the Blue team got the HTC Chacha and the Winning Yellow team got the HTC Wildfire. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the prizes. Also, I am considering to get a Smart Postpaid plan because of their plans that can actually save more.

I got excited with the race, hope to have this one again. And will also post more photos and videos if ever.  You can get to know more about the Smart All-In Plans and Smart All-Net Services on my next post so stay tuned!

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