XSTIG: LG Bloggers and Media Night

LG, one of the world's best electronics company continues its quest in making products that push innovation that gives them the edge over their competitors. Now I was given. chance to get to know more about these products and features.

First is their pride which is the LG 3D Cinema TV which I can say is the best 3D TV of all with boasts of 5 amazing functions others never had or definitely above the others.

The night was filled with games with two competing sides (Lahat Guwapo anr Laging Gutom, which i am part of the former). First was a quick quiz with videos shown in very clear and sharp 3D, the first victory of Lahat Guwapo.

Then next was the Kinect Adventure which I participated and won it with flying colors. LG 3D TV can be bundled with Xbox 360 Kinect which produces great 3D image with less stress with 3D glasses and quality. Next up is a 3D video game challenge using the LG Optimus Smartphone as their controllers, and this time Laging Gutom bagged this round.

And for the fourth round, we were head to head with a intensive LG Quiz about the products featured. Laging Gutom got this round which made the competition tied on both teams. The sudden death round will determine the winner. The battle is about which group will be able to explain the 5 main functions of the LG 3D Cinema TV in their own explanation.

And just as expected, Lahat Guwapo got the sudden death round and won great a goodie gadget from LG. The night was also not over with a quick raffle, while others continue to play with the kinnect.

And with the experience of the different LG prodducts which i can say are very most innovative and user friendly products in the market today. I highly recommend the 3D experience especially wuth the glasses that are light and effective than the others.

In the end, we did enjoy the night together with great food and ambiance. If you have the time check out their stores and other appliance centers in the country now.

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