Angkas Joins Fintech Philippines Association - A New Horizon For The Motorcycle Service Provider

Fintech is gaining ground in the Philippines with a lot of companies embracing the potentials it can bring to businesses and their clients. Recently, the Fintech Philippines Association (FPh) had their Fintech April Mixer held at the ARK by Unionbank.

This monthly gathering brings together businessmen and start up innovators that are tapping the use of fintech in their investments which is actually very useful, fast, and digital. They also came to talk about the role of transport and logistics  in the e-commerce industry as well as issues related to water technology and social enterprises.

App-based ride-hailing service Angkas recently joined Fintech Philippines as advisor to the board of trustees. Their experience and expertise in customer relations and interactions make them a very influential and innovative part of the group.

Though Angkas is still pushing for the regulation of  motorcycle-based ride hailing in congress, their main business right now is with grab padala which is a courier service in the metro. Yet they are very positive that their full operations would be back soon, though there is no tentative date that it will go in their favor.

Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs of Angkas George Royeca said that the ride-hailing app that changed the way people think about public transport in the Philippines, led the panelists in the discussion of their vision of a more financially inclusive country where smaller entrepreneurs can use their platform to scale up their businesses.

“Fintech and e-commerce are largely interdependent because fintech provides online payment platforms that allow e-commerce to thrive,” Royeca notes. “Without fintech and payment innovations, global e-commerce will not grow as much as it did in recent years,” he adds. 

“The teching up of small e-commerce players in the country is something that we in Angkas, in our capacity as advisor to Fintech Philippines, will recommend as a priority undertaking for the near future,” Royeca reveals. 

Fintech Philippines executive director and trustee Amor Maclang, in turn, underscored fintech’s role in shaping global e-commerce. “Fintech Philippine’s Association strives to promote all e-commerce players, and recognize all contributions to global and micro e-commerce players by creating access to the constant development and improvement of online payment systems,” she stresses. “Our mission in Fintech Philippines is the democratization and access to the technologies by allowing online merchants and service providers to also target as many people as possible through safe and secure means,” she adds.

The association’s board of trustees was also presented during the forum. The FPh board is composed of Justo Ortiz of Uniobank as chairman, Mark Vernon of TagCash as vice chairman and treasurer, Mark Gorriceta of Gorriceta Africa Cauton and Saavedra as corporate secretary, and Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc. as executive director and trustee.

Arvie De Vera of Unionbank, Edison Tsai of Seedin Technologies Inc., Ida Tiongson of Opal Portfolio Investments, and Gerry Cruz are the trustees.

The Fintech Philippines Association is the largest and most inclusive association in the Philippines that promotes digital entrepreneurship, among other things. Angkas remains the first and only ride-hailing app in the country now also awaiting the "Angkas Law" based on their business which a game changer in Philippine transport.

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