Guia Gomez Birthday Wishes And Her Bacalao

During the holy week, we joined mayor Guia Gomez as she celebrated her birthday with on Black Saturday at her residence where she is raised senator JV Ejercito.

It was a simple day for the current mayor of the city of San Juan who will take a break from  politics to go back as a private citizen but will champion the campaign of her son for his reelection. She recalled the days when she was the first lady of San Juan with Erap Estrada and from where she came from.

She shares that she originally came from Bacolod and was later moved to Manila for her studies. She took Commerce as her course in college though she took it because of her parents. She was able to finish her studies at the Philippine Women's University taking up Business Administration and a major in Accounting.

Around that time, she was also casted as one of the leading ladies in some films like Isang Paa Sa Hukay (1958), Cuatro Cantos (1960), and Rancho Grande (1960). Through these films, Guia was paired with superstar Erap Estrada which led to their romance and eventually JV Ejercito was born.

Now fast forward into today where JV is now a senator of the republic and as a family man with two sons, Guia enjoys her time as a grandmother and sees the similarities that they have with each other. Guia shares that JV always looks serious because he is a very hardworking man. She wishes that they would smile more so people would see them in a different light.

Guia Gomez' Bacalao
As she celebrates her birthday, she looks back on the things she had done for the city, her family especially her son JV. She is confident that he can win another term because of his track records and performance. She vouches to campaign for him in areas he may need a little more push. She also shared some gifts to her guests that day that made it seems like Christmas at the tail end of the season of Lent.

One yearly tradition Guia also shares to her family is the yearly Bacalao recipe that she only makes once a year for holy week. We were able to have a taste of this rare dish that takes up a lot of time and preparation. Bacalao is a spanish dish made from cod fish mixed with vegetables and usually served in special occasions. For this one, it is perfect and just in time for the holy week where fasting and abstinence is observed.

Mayor Guia shares that preparation for the dish would take a few days to make sure that the fish is well cooked and flavored. The star dish of her birthday lunch, it was indeed delicious like the homemade recipes where this one is based on. Though she admits that she hardly cooks because of her busy schedule, she makes sure that if she does, it is made with love.

And that what is now adjusting now, as she gracefully exits the mayoral mantle back to being a full-time lola, and probably going back to NGO work to continue to help. And with election just a few weeks away, she will definitely be on JV's side and prove that his name really means victory.                                                                                                

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