Shell's Newest Endorsers Maine, Nico, and Drew Ready For Their Journeys

With a whole new journey for Filipinos is ahead of us, Pilipinas Shell wants to connect to its customers with the introduction of their new brand ambassadors representing the different products of Shell. Unveiled last April 8 at the Manila House BGC, the three celebrities are well loved by their fans and known for their love of adventure, joyrides, and cars.

The three ambassadors introduced were Maine Mendoza, Nico Bolzico, And Drew Arellano each representing the company’s commitment to their customers. They have been using Shell products for years and are proud customers of their products and services. 

For Maine Mendoza, she will be the ambassador for Shell FuelSave. With a new formulation launched and has DYNAFLEX Technology that helps improve engine efficiency.

Shell has always been embedded in Mendoza’s life even before rising to fame, as their family owns a number of Shell retail station dealerships. “My parents wanted to invest in a company that is recognized for credibility and quality,” she shared. “So when the opportunity came, they didn’t have to think twice about partnering with Shell.”

Now that she drives around the city a lot, she only has one go-to fuel. “I’ve always been practical, and I always go for the smart option. I recommend Shell FuelSave because it’s so fuel efficient that I can navigate traffic with no worries,” she added.

Drew Arellano is known to be the Byahero because of his travel show and also a member of the popular BrapPack, a group of driven, outdoorsy men who bond over long motorbike rides in and out of the city while promoting road safety. This plus the quirky and fun family he has right now is one of the reasons he is also a fitting ambassador for Shell. His fuel of choice is Shell V-Power, Shell's best-ever premium gasoline with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology designed to deliver both performance and efficiency. 

“I definitely need reliable performance on the road and that's why I use Shell V-Power," said Drew. "Since I started using it, I've never had problems--whether I’m going on long bike rides with my buddies or just simply cruising around with my family in our SUV,” Drew added.

And finally Nico Bolzico, the fun Argentinean businessman and husband of Solenn Heussaff. An very active guy who is doing agriculture and going around cities brings good vibes to the group and always a loyal customer of Shell.

Their introduction paves the way for them to be seen in Shell stations as they offer world-class, high-quality fuels to help their customers make the most of their drive, the company is also committed to supporting several advocacy programs, such as road safety and environment sustainability. 

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