Precious Hearts Romances Continuous Pursuit for Stories

Precious Hearts Romances is bringing a treat to loyal readers on the upcoming Dito Ka Masaya Grand Fans Day 2019, as it forges a stronger relationship with its community through fun activities, meet and greets, and exclusive performances.

For years ever since it started, PHR has always been dedicated in bringing stories that capture the Filipino’s taste for entertainment. With time, that Filipino taste evolves— as younger audience prefers a different way of storytelling.

Instead of a cul-de-sac, PHR has seen an opportunity. Wattpad, a popular online platform for authors, has provided an avenue for the discovery of promising talents in the country. With similar purpose, PHR has birthed Booklat, another online literary outlet specifically targeting Gen Z and millennial readers who are familiar with the brand. PHR has searched wide over these platforms to find writers of quality stories—regardless of the number of their followers or reads. With its new writers, it has proven that PHR stands the test of time and is still on the game of pulling Filipino readers’ heartstrings.

Precious Hearts Romances helps its authors build their craft. Every year, PHR holds two-day brainstorming sessions for selected contract writers. On top of this, their creative group also sits together to come up with plots that will be offered to willing writers. Sometimes, authors are commissioned to write them.

Writing workshops are given for free for aspiring Precious Pages authors. PHR’s efforts to reach out to the next potential Martha Cecilia, Rose Tan, Vanessa, or Sonia Francesca are unending. If you believe that you can be part of something bigger, or aspire to be the next best-selling Filipino romance author in the country, you can send your manuscript through email at

From here on, PHR guarantees that readers can only look forward to more good stories from their homegrown writers and online writers.

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