Blah Blah Blogs: Beyond Calendar Years

Lagpas ka na sa kalendaryo.

The most common thing you would hear from people to a person who just turned 32. Though I think someone will be using that line once they know it's my birthday. Yes I am now officially 32. I don't feel ashamed of the age since it is more of how I am living my life now that scrambling for achievements.

At this age, many people have been domesticated with their own families with children (plus maybe a pet or two). Some have reached a higher status in life compared to ten years ago. Some (or mostly) feel that their metabolism slowed down and is now feeling the weight on their waists like me.

32 is a year of acceptance, a year to know that not everything comes to place in reality. But it is also a year to be more vigilant, in terms of taking care of oneself and to challenge it and not settle for status quo. This year maybe out of the calendar because, it is time to stop counting rather start moving past those numbers and be a better you.

Now I try my best to go to the gym and eat right. Though it will never always be successful, it is important to persevere and not wallow on disappointments. 32 also means the middle wisdom, to still be young at heart but think and discern as an adult. No more hormonal imbalances, rather keep up to stay active and prepare for the health risks in the next decades. 

If you might be weary if you hit this age, worry not because whatever stage you are in today, time continues and you are living. Keep track, make memories, and do something that scares you to make you feel alive.

As I write this, I also think if I would read this in the future, definitely I would cringe but I will also be proud of myself that I have written something about my life and maybe inspired one or two people along the way.

I plan for many things, and I would like to have my first international flight this year so I can stamp my passport for the first time. For some, they have already did and I am too late. But I would not care less because this is my life and I plan to make it more epic everyday.

So cheers to fellow 32!

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