Partylist ALIF Seeks Reelection For Indigenous Welfare

Candidates of the partylist ALIF (Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino) wants to push more projects and benefits for the indigenous people in the country. With many partylist focused on many urban concerns and reforms, ALIF comes as a representation for the rural population which had long been neglected by the national government.

ALIF came from the alliance of Telepreneur Corporation, a multi-level company which has members all around the country which provides loading centers in urban and rural areas. Providing livelihood with less capital needed and providing a commodity which is mobile load for the public. This partnership gives the partylist a more wider network where members can also campaign and reach more voters.

The party is led by their nominees Acmad Tomawis, Lorenzo Rellosa, Ismael Tomawis, and Agakhan Tomawis. With many indigenous tribes coming from Mindanao, it is fitting that their nominees would also come from the high concentration of tribes. 

They wanted to provide better lives for them through a more stable livelihood program which is more than just a temporary fix for poverty. ALIF recognizes that empowering the indigenous people can contribute to more growth for the country at the same time preserve the rich culture that they have in their communities.

Being exposed to the many rural areas also helped them see the direct needs of the people like the one in Mindoro where there is a bridge that is made up of barbed wire (and they even have a video of it). This is just one of the many concerns they wanted to solve along with establishing schools, hospitals and other structures that will benefit communities.

ALIF was able to given a seat in congress in the past elections which gives them confidence yet they hope for more seats be given to the party to push their reforms. They feel confident that with their reelection, they can continue to champion for the IPs and their rights.

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