Chet Cuneta Wants To Be The Pilot Of Pasay To Progress

The mayoral race for the City of Pasay is one of the cities to watch out for since it is one of the richest cities in the country. However it is also the one with the most uneven wealth gap with contrasting differences with the rich and the poor. This coming election is a turning point for the city as a new mayor would be needed to run it and make it still one of the most progressive cities in the country.

One of the candidates who came forward to the call is Chet Cuneta (Cesar Cuneta), the son of former mayor Pablo Cuneta and sister of Megastar Sharon Cuneta. A pilot by profession, he decided to run for the post because he wanted to dedicate his life to public service as he is also retiring from aviation. He runs under the NPC (Nationalist People's Coalition) and will be trying politics for the first time.

Endorsed by President Duterte and Inday Sara Duterte, Chet also got support from Sharon who joined her in filing his certificate of candidacy. He is very frank to speak about what is on his mind which he shares his opinions and solutions to the problems of the city. This is because he wanted to build a more efficient and mass-oriented city with facilities that citizens deserve.

Pasay is home to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which is the gateway of the Philippines to the world, it also has a huge reclaimed landspace where the Mall of Asia  and its facilities grounds are also located. There is also the residential side of the city with places like Cartimar, Libertad and Malibay which are also hubs of transportation, commerce, and traditions.

As a citizen, he observed the situation of the city in many ways and felt disappointed with the current state as well as many concerns like criminality, drugs, and basic services. He wanted to upgrade healthcare in the city buy building a new hospital in the reclamation area which he also wanted to put up new facilities such as educational institutions, hospitals, and even a new city hall.

Though being a pilot means being not around their family a lot, his wife Michelle shares that he has always been a faithful partner and a loving father to his kids. Despite their age gap, the found love and was able to jive and understand each other even with small gestures. Michelle also shares that Chet also joins her when she watches shows like Korean Dramas.

She also shares that his husband won't fall into greed since they are very contented with what they have today.  Together they proven their love and loyalty with support for each other especially in the time of elections. Their family continues to show their unwavering support and love for Chet despite the stress, heat, and competition.

Given a chance to win the elections, Chet also promises improvements for education and empowerment in communities with putting up what the city needs like hospitals, schools, and action centers. With a pivotal election moment for Pasay, Chet continues to be brave and bold with his statements for change and hopes that when he wins the seat, he will be able to continue his father's legacy of public service the Cuneta's are known for, and will bring forth a more exponential change and progress to the city.

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