BLAH BLAH BLOGS: Good Friday Revival


It seems like the most unlikely day of the year to be "good" as it was the day that the lord was crucified. It is also an unlikely day to write something about your own thoughts in the middle of the morning. But this is what we have blogs, something that can be voiced out in long essays and explanations that will definitely make others happy or mad. And this was also the inspiration of Blah Blah Blogs, to be that moment of eureka in the most unconventional sense.

First, I reflected on what I have been doing today which is blogging and more online work. It has been a busy and hectic year as I face a lot of challenges technically and financially. But I'm still here which is still a good sign yet I am still far from being in a comfortable setting. This week is still the holy week and I got some break from the usual events and write-ups. However I still have an event or two which is still part of my work.  

But it came across my mind that I might have forgotten something personal on this blog which is this section. Though I admit I am not those hardcore opinion-driven columnists, I just wanted to share my mind about things. The last Blah Blah Blogs (BBB) seems similar to this which look backs on what I have missed. But I am happy I was drawn back making this post and hopefully will be a new start.

Many things have happened to me and the world as well. But there are still things that haven't changed like poverty, sufferings, and war. I used to be a Pollution Control Officer which opened by eyes to a lot of things about the environment yet I still feel powerless to the things that I only can do to help. 

Lately I had friends who are battling depression and contemplating suicide, a thing that has caused grief to many yet there are still things needed to be understood to reach out to those people who are living with it.  There is the crisis of water which we had for months now and still an ongoing issue and problem for us in our community.

Powerless, insignificant, sad.

These are the most driving feelings many of us had and some are still experiencing right now. With being just a part of the billions of people of the earth, we do question our value to the entire population. How can this blog actually make a change for everyone?

That is what I saw myself for some time now. Thinking if I am still relevant for others and my friends. With many are achieving their dreams, I am still here stuck in the same pavement. Waiting if I can move pass by it or wait for it to harden and crumble.

Then I realized "so what?"

I am enjoying the joys of freelancing and felt better than my last job. I know it is still challenging and tiring but at the end of the day I felt some accomplishment which is the pat on the back I've been searching for. I am happy to write my Blah Blah Blogs article and felt empowered with this one.

As insignificant as I would feel, I take pride and joy with every compliment and praise they do with my artworks or my content. They made me feel my works are priceless and brings it to a new level. I know there are still things I could not change, yet I will try to be that change.

This Good Friday, I realized that it was called that term because JESUS fulfilled the father's will which was good. His death was not the final the end of the road, but made way to whole new world. As he also started as insignificant man, made a powerful and moving movement which has already spread throughout the earth.

Good Friday for me now brings me to a new start (along with Easter) to see the beauty of many things despite the conflicts and hardships we have encountered. I'm very thankful that it has reached to this, though I won't make any new promises yet I will try to struggle and overcome this over and over.

Good Friday is indeed something to celebrate and understand. It may come in a ugly and depressing package at first, but I guess it will reveal into the best thing we will ever experience.

I'm happy with this revival.

May we be free from our bondage and revive our spirits, to start again.

May you have a reflective holy week.

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