Finally On Track for a Great Comeback: Susy and Geno Reunite!

After weeks of anticipation, Susy and Geno’s long-awaited reunion finally took place on March 11, Sunday, at a mall in Taguig, where the two met up not only with each other, but with their loyal and very enthusiastic supporters. It was the first public appearance in many years for the faces of Sustagen milk in the 80s and 90s, who disappeared from the public eye, only to re-emerge two decades later, starting with Susy’s return last February. Only then would we find out that she and Geno had actually lost touch through the years.
For weeks, Susy spearheaded a massive search for her missing friend, until Geno himself turns up on Susy’s Facebook fanpage, to set a time and place for their get-together. Some of their fans, seeing the details of the agreed meet-up, trooped to the site to see their idols in person. The more fanatical ones even attended as a group, waving banners and placards expressing their unwavering support. Meanwhile, Susy and Geno’s friends from Sustagen also did their part, providing free milk for all those who turned up to accompany Susy as she waited for the elusive Geno to appear.
Susy arrived first, toting an album she made for Geno containing photos posted by her fans on her fanpage. She was easily spotted by the Market! Market! crowd, though, and was swarmed by well-wishers wherever she would go. A good number of media people were also on hand to cover the momentous event. In fact, it was during one reporter’s interview with Susy that Geno made his grand entrance.

Geno did not disappoint, showing up at the activity center looking dashing as ever and clutching a fresh bouquet for Susy. And after long years of waiting, the two best friends shared a long and warm embrace. Minutes later, they would prove that their chemistry was as strong as ever, giving the people the dance number they were requesting for. This sent the boisterous crowd into even more frenzied celebrations. Afterwards, the pair would even stay on to mingle and take pictures with their most ardent fans.

It was a day that left many misty-eyed with countless happy memories revived—all thanks to Susy, who initially just wanted to see her friend Geno again. But as Susy said in her Facebook post, this is only the beginning of bigger things ahead. So if you want to see where their story leads next, then keep on following Susy and Geno on their fanpage: Be among the first to know about the exciting adventures that lie ahead for the outstanding tandem.

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