“Sa atin, anong manual natin? Ang manual natin ay The Bible. The Bible is our manual to life,” pacquiao said  in a Chritsian fellowship on Thursday in stating the importance of reading the bible for improving oneself.

As holy week approaches, its good to know that there are people using their social status for the promotion of something good. And one reality in today's world, people tend to be too liberated to the point where they no longer know morality or even the basic rule of knowing what is right and wrong.  These next few days the holy week starts and the question of us and even to myself is if I had made any reflections on what I have been doing lately. Was it for the good or going bad unconsciously? 

Manny Pacquiao even with fame has his downs and controversies. It's great to hear from a people's icon like him to talk about this. There are also celebrities who also live up to be very good Christians/Muslims/Buddhists etc., however they seem to get fewer and fewer as moral standards decline. But more than celebrities, the parents and the family have the biggest role in shaping these values and also bring up the importance of prayers and reading holy scriptures like the Bible. 

Though it's not bible week, let us say this post was indeed inspired with Manny pacquiao's declaration for more upright living, starting today, not tomorrow or later.

read more on Pacquiao's declaration here.

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