GMA Films teams up with Skylar Pictures of Indonesia to come up with a International Thriller picture THE WITNESS featuring Kapuso artist Gwen Zamora (Enteng Kabisote, Biritera) was chosen to be the lead actress for this film. She is the only Pinay cast for this film which was shot in Jakarta. Among the cast of the said film, Gwen Zamora is the only Filipina yet she assures the moviegoers that she did her best to be at par with her co-actors.

She plays the role of Angel , General Manager of a Hotel who have just been transferredfrom Manila to Jakarta, is haunted by a weird dream about someone committing suicide.One day, her family is slaughtered, leaving no one's alive. Her parents, her only sister Safara, her maid, security, all are dead. Even she was also shot. But somehow she manage to be the only survivor. 

Haunted by the incident and her weird dream that keeps coming over and over, she then decide to uncover all the mystery by herself and find out the reason of what she has been going through. Mostly when the detective who investigate the tragedy won't believe what she told and thought that Angel is hallucinating and making all her story up.

We had a chance to meet with Gwen and ask her about her experience in Indonesia. She stayed there for about a month and a half. The challenge for this movie was great because of the scenes like action scenes that involve real weapons. She is also into art and fashion which helps her for the role.

Producer Sarjono Sutrisno, said that they chose Gwen because is a 'complete' artist. She is also game with every scene and does not need to have stunt doubles. The greatetst challenge in the shoot was actually language barrier and Gwen was given a interpreter  while on shot but also learned some Bahasa Indonesia after some time.
“The Witness” also stars Pierre Gruno, Agung Saga, Kimberly Ryder, Marcellino Lefrandt, and Feby Febiola on March 21, 2012 on theaters nationwide. It will also be shown this April in Indonesia. They will also show this film in Malaysia and Singapore.

Directed by Muhammad Yusuf, “The Witness” is produced by Skylar Pictures and released by GMA Films.

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