Suzy Reunites with Geno!

It has been years since we have heard of this couple. No they are not movie stars nor music artists. They were the pair that many generations have grown with, they are SUZY and GENO. The dynamic duo that visited so many schools all over the country along with the nutritous drink Sustagen that came with chocolate and vanilla flavor.

Together, they brought fun and (healthy) treats to school children like myself in the 90's. They would do dance numbers that left impressions in our memory more than  restaurant mascots even with every short yet enriching visit.

But time passed and they suddenly disappeared after the tours. It was really sad even for me that they left too soon and wondered if the new generation will be able to experience the fun and laughter brought by these two.

Just months ago, we were surprized when an anonymous picture appeared in facebook which look similar to the old lady who lost her husband and was reunited. It was Suzy! And what she had on her back is a picture of Geno. This sparked our urge to help Suzy find her long lost partner. We shared the picture and waited if there will be a reply o news about Geno.

And just this Sunday, we got news that Geno has been found! And he was located in Market Market in Bonifacio Global City. And when we got there, we also saw a group of people who are known to be the "Solid Suzy and Geno" fans club.

And they were there, Suzy finally reunited with Geno with some slight  changes in their apperance. But its OK since they are still the same Suzy and Geno I known from my childhood. And when they were together again, its time to dance again. My faith in humanity has been restored.

Thank you to Mead Johnson for bringin the icons of education and nutrition back for today's genaration! I would like to become part of the Solid Suzy and Gen fans club now!

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