HEALTHY LYF: Protect Your Skin from the Sun with SunProtec

It's officially summer and having fun outdoors is THE way to go during this season. But having fun outdoors entails some caution. One way to do it is to protect yourself from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure.

One way of protecting yourself is by applying sunblock unto skin. SunProtec is a revolutionary skin care product of Kohl Industries Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial and personal care products. 

SunProtec is a dermatologically-tested sunblock that helps reduce the risk of skin damage and aging due to the too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by the sun. It can also help in the prevention other adverse effects of UV such as skin cancer.

SunProtec has an SPF (sun protection factor) ranging from 60 to 70 that signifies longer protection against UVB. SPF measures how much exposure your skin can take before it gets burnt with even with the application of the sunblock. 

SunProtec also has broad spectrum protection, which means that your skin is not only protected from UVB, but also from UVA, which is generally attributed now to cause skin cancer. 

Furthermore, SunProtec is hypoallergenic that makes it applicable to any skin type, without the harm of irritation.

It is also easy absorbent making it practical to use, since you only need a little amount of SunProtec to lather into your skin for protection. 

It is best to apply generously and evenly unto skin, 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight. Re-apply at frequent intervals after swimming and towel drying. 

SunProtec is your all-in-one sunblock since this can be applied both to your face and body. So, less hassle for you to buy two sunblock products separately.


SunProtec is available in 40, 60 and 90ml bottles in easy-to-carry designs, fit for any outdoor activity you might have. 

SunProtec is available in Mercury, Shopwise and Rustans for only Php 139(40mL), Php 199 (60mL) and Php219 (90mL).

It’s the most affordable sunblock with the high SPF compared to leading brands. Thus, you get more protection against the sun, without ripping your budget. 

Making it the budget-friendliest sunblock for your summer activities.

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