BLAH BLAH BLOGS: 3 Years and a Song - A Francis Magalona Tribute

On the 3rd death anniversary of Master Rapper, the man from Manila, Francis Magalona, I again dedicate this blog post as a requiem of his inspiration that has been infused in many of us. It has been years and a song has been born in me. This is something I don't usually do compositions but this is special tribute of MTL and Blah Blah Blogs to the king of Pinoy Rap.

3 Years and a Song

Sing me a lullaby
A song of requiem
Remember the times 
When the sun and stars
Shone well
Sing me this song
Such a perfect melody
that i remembered
three years ago

Thankful for the memories
those one that gave me hope
Your face was like an angel
Never ever gets old
The beats you carry 
Never lets me down
Rather pushes me high
To the clouds with each sound

Cause I remember
I really really do...


To love the country
Is to love our fellow men
And where it starts
It starts with me
Where some see entertaining
holds a deeper meaning
Open your eyes
and see the truth

Cause I remember
I really really do...


But life's so tragic and the world starts to panic
And the sun and stars goes black

Its all clear to me
I remember
I really really do...


It's been three years
yet I never forget
Its all clear to me
I really really do...

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