“The Internet Just Got Better” With The New Netopia

Is it a coffee shop or an internet cafe? Actually it's both. The internet has never been this faster, more reliable and convenient! Re-inventing your internet experience, Netopia brings new facilities and services to provide you with high-speed connections and a complete café experience that is fresh, new and trendier than ever! They recently opened a hybrid store fusing the reliable netopia internet cafe with Highlands coffee (from Vietnam) at the newly opened Lucky Chinatown Mall in Divisoria, to create that one of a kind internet and coffee experience.

For 16 years now since 1996, Netopia has been providing high-speed internet and top of the line computer services among Filipinos through its 116 outlets located across the country. Operated by Digital Paradise Inc., Netopia is the leading and only nationwide internet café chain in the Philippines.

“From youth and young adults to working class, Netopia is known to them as the ideal place where high-speed internet connection is at its best. This year, we are making it better for our gamers and loyal online users as we redefine Filipino’s internet experience through improved internet-related Wi-Fi technology and new café services to be offered at all Netopia outlets, providing our customers the most ideal venue to create connections,” shares Michael Lacy, President of Digital Paradise, Inc.
The internet just got better for Netopia’s loyal customers as it transitions to be a complete internet café package that includes high-speed LAN and Wi-Fi services partnered with a rich menu of coffee and pastries, the best café combo customers can get today. Netopia stays true to premium internet services and has improved to become a perfect venue where customers can come as they are, escape to online getaways through high-speed internet, and make connections – online or personal – with peers and/or business partners in a trendier café ambiance.

Today, Digital Paradise Inc., unveils the first of many soon to open new Netopia outlets as part of the company’s continuing commitment to providing top of the line computer services and better internet experience for every Filipino and an ideal venue to widen connections over the internet and a cup of coffee.

For more information about Netopia, visit www.netopia.ph.

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