REEL DEAL: Corazon Ang Unang Aswang - Bloggers' Presscon

Intriguing, interesting, exciting. This is the buzz that the movie, CORAZON ANG UNANG ASWANG has started since the announcement of its March 14, 2012 showing. And the adaptation has indeed escalated to the highest level as the biggest movie of the month is slated to open in a couple of days! Why all this? 

Well, the trailer alone of CORAZON has elicited very positive reactions, comments and feedback via word of mouth and in social networking sites after it was launched some weeks ago. Most people found the plot very intriguing since it has been a while that a drama love story is set against a "black" backdrop. But Skylight films and Reality Entertainment stresses the beautiful dramatic love story is the movie's main theme. It's the unfailing and unconditional love between the two lead characters  that will spell out the difference!
Others find it interesting to note how the movie will depicit the folkloric "aswang" and tell its origin! The movie's director, Richard Somes reiterates however that this is his personal myth on the Philippine folklore. Now that's quite  more interesting alright!
Many found the team-up of Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay exciting because it's fresh and beautiful. A big screen delight indeed most people would agree! Erich and Derek are supported by an equally exciting support cast like Mark Gil, Techie Agbayani and Ma. Isabel Lopez. 

CORAZON ANG UNANG ASWANG may very well be the biggest movie to open this month! The anticipation is undeniably palpable! We all couldn't wait to see the love, the tale, the myth that is CORAZON ANG UNANG ASWANG!

Skylight Films wishes to thank Baang Coffee as the movie held its Bloggers' Presscon recently.
CORAZON ANG UNANG ASWANG is now showing in theaters nationwide!  Here is the exclusive video of the bloggers' meet and greet with Erich Gonzales, Driek Richard Sommes and 

Part 1
Part 2

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