MUSIC LYF: TEEN IDOLS' Sam Concepcion & Julie Anne San Jose Covers 'Pinoy Mag' March -April 2012!

Respected Filipino music magazine, Pinoy Mag may have spilled the beans months ago before the photo shoot took place for their March/ April 2012 issue.  Teen Idols: Sam Concepcion and Julie Anne San Jose graces the front cover of Pinoy Mag, available on stands starting March 29th!

A photo of the two surfaced in the Pinoy Magazine Facebook Fanpage preparing for their shoot last February 28. Also on that same day while the photo shoot is on-going, the term “SamLieonPinoyMag” trended on micro-blogging site Twitter at the 6th spot after the said posting. Respective fans of these two seem like this new team up from rival networks. Some even called them as “dream tandem” although both were also being paired with different artists.  

March 1, two days after the said photo shoot, Pinoy Mag posted a video duet of Sam and Julie singing the chorus part of Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's “No Air” and a fan named AmBootSalmo posted that video on YouTube  ( and garnered 50,000 views in a span of five days. Here are some of the comments posted about the said duet video:
27Pochie: “They've got the talent, looks, and oozing chemistry I think the comfortability with each other helps them to relax and look good together. As to what I have learned both parties did have fun and that is a major major factor thinking that they worked alone for the first time. Hope someone can hear them and give them the opportunity to make a collab and hopefully more to come. People are saying nothing but good praise. Congrats more to come.”

pepay98: “Ba’t ganon!?.. Ang sarap nilang panuorin! napapangiti ako  habang kumakanta sila!... they look good together. parang sanay na sanay na sila singing together! ang cute ksi ng smiles nila. walang pretentions! very natural! and they seem to enjoy each other's company and their singing...GALING!.”

henlaye: “Hope they can work together - concert or even musical. They instantly click, that only shows that easy to work  silang dalawa kaya ang dali nilang mag-bond.”
caligurl010: "Kapamilya ako at si Julie Anne lang talaga ang gusto ko sa 7 hehehe. In fairness may chemistry at bagay sila. Sana more projects of them together in the near future kahit magkaiba ang network.”

And because of the said photo shoot and duet video, some even started comparing them to their current tandem:

lordvoldy23: “ I find SamLie better than JuliElmo music-wise and chemistry-wise. Hope they can do a proper collab someday preferably a live performance.”

jeicee060687: “I am team Julie, solo or with whoever partner.. I just think that SAMLIE has a more natural chemistry than JULIELMO.. napakadalang magkasama and they don't personally know each other pero close agad and un nga, ang light ng mood..”

enzane via tumblr: “SamLie Phenomena … or shall I say the Epic Taksil Episode.. (ahaha) I just quoted you guys, sabi niyo taksil mode kayo eh. SAAAAAAMMMMMM LIEEEEE … for me, It is the toughest Competition of JuliElmo. Both were neck to neck when it comes to talent and chemistry. Sam will definitely make Elmo run for his money. And yes, I have watched the vids and pics before I make this ( I promise to be fair bidah?!)
My initial impression on Sam is that he is a really good kid like an all around Mr. Nice guy. Just look at his face and you will never say anything bad about him. Sam and Julie’s background and career history are almost the same. Sam Lie are both humble, very talented and really good role models. After hearing the Video (hearing talaga kasi di ko pinanood pinakingan ko lang) and ang GALING! I like it so much! Halatang sanay silang kumanta, marunong talaga sila. As I have said in twitter, this Sam Lie duet will make or break it for me. Flight or Fight response. Verdict: Julielmo parin.” 

Crappy Caller: “SO THEY WILL POSE LIKE JULIELMO? Ano ang concept ng photoshoot, parang JuliElmo? Paano ang magiging interview? Wala naman silang magko comment sa bawat isa dahil hindi naman sila magkatrabaho?...NOOO WAY, NO TO SAMLIE!”

In the said issue of Pinoy Mag, Sam and Julie Anne share the role they want to fulfill in the entertainment business; what qualities they look for a musical tandem; what they do to keep burning up;  the pressure of being role models and answer some of the most intriguing and controversial questions straight from their fans.     

Aside from ASAP Rocks and Angelito: Batang Ama, Sam, dubbed as The Ultimate Multimedia Teen Heartthrob has started shooting the comedy-musical I Do Bi Doo, Bi Doo while Julie Anne known as The Ultimate Musical Princess  is with Party Pilipinas every Sunday and started filming her first movie Just One Summer. The latter will soon release her solo album  under GMA Records. 

“It has been a long overdue to have both of them be featured on our front cover. Both should be given the best projects from their respective networks. This is the right time to fully utilize their talents. They are equally talented, very devoted to their craft and simply the best musicians of their generation. An additional factor is the huge fan base that both have. With the way we see it, doing the shoot, we're not gonna be surprised if both will have a collaboration or a musical project together in the near future,” says Pinoy Magazine Editor-in-Chief Annie Medina.
Pinoy Mag is available in all 7/11, Mini-stop, Odyssey Record Bars, Astroplus, Booksale, Filbars, NBS, Shell Select, Mightee Mart, newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only Php 28.00. 

To know more about on SamLie issue, visit: on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @pinoysongmag.

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