XSTIG: Uratex Plant Tour

Ever wondered were your foam mattress where we sleep on were made? Well that is something I just found out when I and fellow bloggers took a trip to the Uratex Plant just a few days ago. The Uratex Brand has been a household name for years and known to be the best in quality recognized not just locally but of international standards as well.
Uratex is under the RGC group of companies which houses not only a foam factory but a variety of products and goods as well. There are four companies comprising the RGC Group of Companies' Foam Group: Polyfoam-RGC International, Uratex Philippines, Polyflex Industries and Inoac Philippines Corp. (the latter is a joint venture with Inoac Co. of Japan). The company is now on its 44th year and also producing products for export. 

Found in 8 locations, employing about 1000 people, and with a fleet of over 70 delivery trucks, it is the dominant figure in the Philippine Foam Industry and is one of the leading foamers in Southeast Asia. Its mission is to be the number one foam company in Southeast Asia, in terms of customer satisfaction, quality, market share, technological advancement and commitment to world-class excellence. They attain this vision through teamwork, innovation and a total quality management system. They satisfy customers through quality products, having the most competitive prices, delivered on time and developed through the close coordination with our customers. Products: Foam Mattresses, Beddings, Sofas, Pillows, Sponges, Plastic Monoblock Furnitures.

We were indeed privileged to have an exclusive tour of the plant starting off with the Foam factory. The machine used for the foam is from Hennecke, with the modern and computerized system in manufacturing huge blocks of foam with specific density and porosity needed for different demands. 

It starts with chemicals stored and carefully prepared and stored goes into a system of pipes and fixtures and goes into the machine. I was amazed on how a simple chemical mixture when released and goes into a conveyor grows into a a big block of foam in just a few seconds. With very minimal human intervention with this process, it produces a perfect huge block of virgin foam. It goes into a long conveyor into another warehouse that stores the block for curing and cooling. And with its mass, it takes a gigantic crane to move the block across the warehouse.

From here, it is given time to cool off for sometime and when ready can now be cut and formed into mattresses, pillows, sponges etc. They do offer warranties for their mattresses usually 5 years for regular selection to 15 year for special and high end varieties. I was also amused with their showroom and also a customer center for their products.

And with friends and employees testifying the durability of the Uratex Foam has affirmed our trust to this global Filipino brand. And beyond foams, they also have other products that we also use but never thought that is comes from this foam factory.

One of the products that have which is also used in manufacturing is LAMINATiON, a process of compressing textiles into a single sheet which is used in many was particularly in automobile  fixtures. the lamination process also is used in clothing as a semi-raw material next to the actual finished product in production.

They also manufacture plastic containers widely used in homes and food businesses. Under the brand name Ready Wrap, has become an indispensable help in food preparation and storage, The process include the use of resin to create plastics using computerized machines producing hundreds to thousands of pieces a day. 

We also got to pass the cutting and forming factory in which the foam is trimmed down to specific sizes and even unique shapes using computer guided machines. And we also passed by the storage for the finished products which i call "Foam Paradise".Also passed bu their quality control and research and development which is a must for any international brand. And finally, we also got to drop by the showroom for all of their products and a floor dedicated for mattresses of different styles and functionality. 

One can also get himself analysed for the perfect bed by their statistical testing mat giving you analysis of which mattress fits your body and lifestyle. I tried all of the mattresses there and felt like that Goldilocks moment of checking out the softness of each mattress. Now that we toured around the plant, I was very satisfied with all of the things I have seen so far. And as an industrial engineering student, it also amazed me on the the systematic and efficient processes that makes its a world brand.

Yes, we can proudly say to the world that here Uratex is more than a foam company but also global brand that Filipinos can compete with the world. Kudos to Uratex and the RGC group of companies for making us proud! 

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