Great Finds and Buys at SM City Manila 3 Day Sale!

When I heard that there will be a 3 Day Sale in SM City Manila, I knew I will indeed buy something really nice at a very affordable price. And when we had a preview of what is going to happen for the 3 day sale. 

As expected, the mall is jampacked with shoppers and most of them are students and government workers. And as explained to us, yesthe mall is said to be the "unofficial" mall of Chinatown since its the nearest SM Mall to the district. The mall these days is now evolving as it opens new stores and most of them are unique and very rare which makes it a great place to try something new.

And as a very meticulous shopper I do rounds around the mall, particularly in the department store where there are a lot of personal items like clothing, accessories and utilities can be found. One item that I wanted to buy for myself is a new pair of pants and long sleeved polo. And with sheer luck and keen eyes, I spotted a sale table for Mainstreet (which is my favorite brand for very fashionable yet affordable business wear). And I indeed got a nice pair of pant and a red long polo shirt for only 250 pesos each!

It was a great bargain, and another great thing is I also have a chance in winnig one of the 3 HP 430 Netbooks! I remember winning a TV years ago, and I hope to try my luck again. Dop by Sm City Manila now and enjoy the madness of shopping maximized!

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