CCA Podium Teaches Food Styling and Photography

Chef Eugene Raymundo is one of the best food stylist
in the country and has also been to different countries
for this craft

Ever wondered why in posters and commercials, food looks so delectable and mouth-watering?  How do they make magic with food for commercials that makes a visual feast for the eyes. For food settings that seems to be simple yet takes hours and even days to get the best shot, basically Food Porn. 

With food is the best things Filipinos love, aesthetics for styling food is a growing need for TV, Print and online. But it may look simple form its looks but takes a lot of resources, time, effort, talent and management skills.The thought process involved in presenting a dish is no joke as this sets the first impression one has on a certain dish.

Food styling is not just the act of putting together a dish rather an art that requires skill and knowledge. It is through this that a simple dish becomes a work of art. Nowadays, food styling has become very popular in the Philippine scene. CCA Podium recognizes this increasing interest and delivers a project that focuses on teaching food styling as well as food photography. 

Real or Fake? But still looks yummy!
For the five Saturdays of June, CCA Podium, through the Continuing Education Programs, welcomes individuals interested or passionate to learn about food styling and techniques in food photography. Taught by a top notch food stylist and noted food photographer, participants of the course will acquire skills in preparing food for editorial materials. The course aims to develop the participants’ style, creativity, and ingenuity particularly in food styling.

So if you want to learn how to creatively style food or even pursue a career in photography, you may want to get in touch with CCA Podium by dropping by the 5th floor of The Podium along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. You may also call CCA Podium at 696-9083.

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