The Social Media Prayer By Father Stephen Cuyos, MSC

The First Catholic Social Media Summit happened this weekend and I was sad because I was not a part of it due to financial constraints. However, I am very happy for the church to be more aware of the power of the internet and the social media in shaping the minds and hearts of the youth and society today. This actually inspired me to be part of the Social Media Group of the Archdiocese of Manila Commission on Youth.  Though frustrated not able to attend the event, I see that there was an increase of interest from different sectors and dioceses all over the country to utilize this resource that is really a great help if used properly. I just saw a SOCIAL MEDIA PRAYER by Father Stephen Cuyos, MSC who is also what you can call a "techie priest". Here is the prayer that is worth sharing to friends and family and further understand the value of this technology for the good of us all.

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