MUSIC LYF: Dia Frampton - Red (Album)

The Voice’s DIA FRAMPTON debuts ‘Red’

The Voice (NBC) Season 1’s runner-up Dia Frampton returns with a bang through her first full-length album entitled ‘Red’. Fans of the American singer-songwriter will be pleasantly surprised with the new album as Dia projects a completely diverse selection of melodies with her beautifully unique singing voice and stellar songwriting. The album is a stunning collaboration with notable producers and songwriters including Isabella Summers of Florence + The Machine, Tom Shapiro, Kid Cudi, Toby Gad, Chris Seefried, Mark Foster of Foster the People, Julie Frost and Meg White. Dia also proudly acknowledges her sister, Meg, as an instrumental part in the making of the album --- “It's fun to write with friends and work with producers, but when I work with my sister, I can just be myself 100%. We are also close enough to say to each other, 'Yeah, that part sucks.' No hard feelings.”      

Red features ten exceptional tracks such as the upbeat motivational song “Don’t Kick the Chair”, the fast-paced guitar-driven tune “Isabella”, the promising radio-worthy single “The Broken Ones”, the cheery drum beat-heavy track “Good Boy”, the emotionally charged “I Will” featuring The Voice coach/mentor Blake Shelton, the electro-pop tune “Billy the Kid”, the country-inspired bittersweet song “Daniel”, the vengeful “Walk Away”, the anthemic masterpiece “Bullseye” and the heartfelt musical lyrics of “Trapeze”. 

Red is an impressive first record for Dia Frampton and a fine follow-up that lives up to the potential she showcased back then. One cannot deny that even though she didn’t win The Voice, she is bound to make a mark in the music industry and stay true to her musical sound and honest songwriting.

Dia Frampton’s debut album RED is out now in CDs exclusively under MCA Music available at Astroplus and Odyssey Music & Video or online via 

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