REEL DEAL: Guni Guni - Behind The Scenes

Regal Films' goes Horror again this year with Lovi Poe, Empress Schuck, Benjamin Alves, for Guni Guni. We were behind the scenes of the pictorial for the movie with Lovi, Empress, Benjamin together with Julia Clarete, Gerald Pesigan and Ria Garcia.

It was also an opportunity to meet the stars and talk about their movie and what fans and viewers would be excited with this movie. Though we think that their beautiful faces won't scare us at all, but looking on the story would go, it may have this sinister and creepy plot that I could consider of a stick-to-the-mind horror. Directed by Tara Illenberger and will be shown on August 22.


For more pictures of the pictorial check out Manual To Lyf facebook page.

Here are some of the pictures and also our video interviewing Benjamin and Empress. Enjoy!

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