Make way for Black Lily in Walang Hanggan!

Philippine's Phenomenal TV program treats avid viewers with "Walang Hanggan TV"...
Eula Valdes Give Everyone a taste of 'Black Lily' in Walang Hanggan

Phenomenal actress Eula Valdez is set to intesify the plot of the undisputed no. 1 TV program in the Philippines, "walang Hanggan" as her mysterious charcater 'Black Lily'  enters the shows new chapter.

"If they think that they finaly reached their happy ending, they are wrong. Because when Black Lily arrives, the lives of the Montenegros and Guidotis will never be the same again," Eula bravely assured the thousands of followers of ABS CBN's phenomenal TV drama.

As Black Lily enters the picture, witness the mind-blowing revelations that will surely shock everyone. How is Black Lily connected with Daniel (Coco Martin)? How will she affect the lives of Emily (Dawn Zulueta), Marco (Richard Gomez), Nathan (Paulo Avelino), Katerina (Julia Montes), Lola Henya (Susan Roces), and Dona Margaret (Helen Gamboa)?

Meanwhile, "Walang Hanggan" continues to prove its phenomenal success as it reign not only in nationwide TV ratings but also in several social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and in the innovative projects launched by the drama series. After its volume 1 reached the platinum record status, "Walang Hanggan" recently released the second volume of its soundtrack. The licensed "Walang Hanggan Infinity Ring" being sold by Karat World, also become a certified hit among avid fans. Aside from its unique brands, an addition to its "Walang Hanggan's" unparalled success is its award-winning cast including Coco who has recently recognized as the price of television by the Box Office Entertainment Awards, and Paulo Avelino who was awarded by the 2012 Gawad Urian as Best Actor.

Plus, starting Monday (July 9), avid fans can now get the latest scoops and exclusive behind-the-scene footages of their favorite teleserye through "Walang Hanggan TV" by simply logging in to Watch out for the grand launch of Walang Hanggan official soundtrack volume 2 this July 15 (Sunday) in ASAP 2012, soon to be followed by a mall show in Trinoma.

Don't miss the explosice revelations of "Walang Hanggan", weeknights after "Princess and I" on ABS CBN's Primetime Bida. For more updates, log-on  to, 'like', or follow @walanghanggan_ on Twitter.

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