EVENTOLOGY: Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012 Week 3

The fun and excitement continues with the 3rd week of the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. This week,  two European countries will face this week's challenge to light up the Philippine skies with colorful fireworks. Finland and Portugal go face to face in this round. Will these two European countries have what it takes to paint a beautiful canvas on the sky and also please not only the crowd but also the thousands of lenses capturing those moments?


The  first competitior tonight is from finland. With over 15 years in the business and a forerunner in the field, their projects include eurovision 2010 oslo, vancouver olympic games, sochi part, canada 2010, eurovision 2009 in moscow, eurovision 2008 in belgrade, eurovision 2007 helsinki and the nightwish world tour 2007 – 2009.

Be marvelled as music and fireworks come together with a pyromusical presentation from  finland’s oy pyroman finland, ltd.!


The second competitor for the night is grupo luso pirotecnia from the portuguese republic. Their awards are 2nd prize in japan’s 2nd international competition huis tem bosch pyrotechnician 2010, 3rd prize in portugal’s festival do atlantico 2010,  and 1st place in france’s international fireworks festival in cannes. Their long list of awards is proof of their passion for the arts and fireworks.
Let the show in the sky begin with the portuguese republic’s, grupo luso pirotecnia!

You can also join in the Pyromusical Photo Contest and Text to Win Promo. Just click on the images below. 

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